About Press on It

Press on It was founded by Melissa & Haim Pekel

Both creative marketers, Melissa and Haim met online in 2010; they immediately clicked and soon after married in an amazing wedding. In 2014, they had their first daughter, Erika.

Erika inspired us to build a family business – a business she could one day be a part of, here is our story.

“We are a family that shares a special bond and believes in creating amazing things together”

We’ve built Press on It to provide a stable partner to those who are interested in growth and achieving their long-term goals.

This is our family business – and like all families, we have our set of principals, traditions and beliefs…

Haim Pekel – CEO

“We figured out that familiarity (and family) is instrumental in helping businesses reach their objectives.

That’s why we treat our customers like a family member.

Families are safe environments in which one can grow. We scale with our clients, facing challenges and enjoying victories, together, just like any family would.”

Wait, there’s more…

Melissa Pekel – CMO

“We believe in knowing the why are you doing what you’re doing, as well as the how you’re doing it!”

How does it work?

Creating quick ‘marketing fixes’ while invigorating for a while; can’t replace requirements like having a solid strategic plan and implementing it in the long run.

A plan leads somewhere, while a fix holds you in place for a while.

We believe that working with a strategic plan is the way to go, you need to define both the process and win conditions of any action made and follow through!

“A business is very much like a person, unique.

That’s why in both cases one has to understand them thoroughly before giving any advice, let alone plan for progress.”

That’s why we want to get to know you, your employees and hear your stories in your own words.

We are a family of 9 Marketing experts that provide full service marketing solutions, around the clock and in 8 languages.

If you’d like to have a friendly chat with one of our family members, just press on it. (see what we did there? πŸ™‚ )