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Running paid ad campaigns is one of the most flexible, immediate and result oriented ways to increase your market share and revenue. However, success is never guaranteed. Running campaigns that are effective requires a mix of know-how, science, art, and tenacity.

That’s where Press on It comes in.

We are a proven PPC agency with a track record of exceeding goals. Our exceptional team works diligently to maximize Press on It clients’ reach and conversion while minimizing spending.

Google Trusts Us To Run Your Campaigns

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Press on It is a certified Google Partner.

Our focus is lead and revenue generation, we specialize in creating cross-platform campaigns for large companies, SMB and start-ups alike.

Platforms we run campaigns on include: Google Search, Google Display network, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Yahoo and many more!

Our Methodology

Our process aims to create clarity in the often ‘clouded’ realm of paid search. Our PPC team uses the latest and best search engine marketing practices and technologies to drive brand strength and give our clients the control they need over their marketing campaigns.

Our PPC Services are built on foundations of:

  • Forecasting and Predictive Modeling
  • Bid Management
  • Account Structure
  • An Analytical Core
  • Carefully Designed Landing Pages UI/UX
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
Campaign Platforms

Consistency Is Key

Press on It has created and managed effective PPC campaigns representing millions of dollars for leading international firms in the world’s most competitive internet marketing verticals.

We have worked with newcomers to industries to carve out a market share from existing competitors and with old and established brands to reinvigorate product lines and capitalize on brand strength.

We have close contacts within major search engine companies, making sure that we are always ahead of the curve.

What Makes Our Team The Best?

Press on it offers years of experience in conducting large-scale campaigns both on web and mobile.

When we begin a campaign we use the best tools and methodologies and create a rock-solid foundation for the campaign to run on.

This foundation produces excellent results that we test on an ongoing basis.

We do so by:

– Conducting in-depth critical research.

– Monitoring developments in all customer verticals.

– Creating industry-leading innovative strategies.

– Crafting the highest-converting calls to action.

– Developing captivating and creative campaigns.

– And continuously analyzing refining, and re-optimizing campaigns to meet the highest ROI possible.

With our tools, we are able to view the campaign’s big picture and to drill down to the smallest levels of data to improve campaign performance and make your ad investment count!

With Press on It Your Campaigns Are in Good Hands

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