Content Marketing That Tells a Compelling Brand Story

Your content is your voice. It’s the way your customers see you and it’s the most important tool in influencing purchasing decisions in your marketing arsenal.

It already hit the mainstream, now is the time to get on board!

What Customers Think about Branded Content?

60% of B2B decision makers say branded content helped them make better purchase decisions.

61% of Consumers Prefer Companies With Custom Online Content.

80% of Decision Makers Prefer Content to Advertising.

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Content marketing is by far the best way to collect leads and interact with potential customers.

Why does it work so well? Simple.

All around the world people are influenced by leaders, at the moment in your niche there are already those who are considered thought leaders.

How did they become so influential? By writing content that brought value to their readers!

Content that converts

We’re a Certified Inbound Agency That Knows How to Tell Your Story

Our writers are certified brand storytelling professionals, who wrote more then a thousand posts and understand how to tell your story.

We’ve written content masterpieces for both B2B and B2C clients, telling stories all over the world and in 8 languages.

Our storytelling know-how focuses on your customers, creates in their mind an intimate mental representation of your brand and connecting them emotionally to your product.

We specialize in the Tech, Medical, Finance, Retail, Consumer, Tourism and Sports industries.

Convinced? Talk to us, we’re friendly.

How will we make you a thought leader in your niche?

  • You’ll get a dedicated professional blogger.

Your dedicated blogger will focus on writing posts that interest readers in your vertical, making you a leading innovator in your niche.

  • That blogger will create amazing content that will get shared.

Readers in your niche will interact with your content because it will bring them value! Those interactions will help that content spread which will bring in turn more traffic to your site.

  • Those shares will bring targeted traffic to your site and increase it’s potential to go viral.

Your dedicated blogger will write niche specific content. That content will make your brand stand as a leading innovator in your niche.

  • In addition, we’ll write though leadership posts together with you and publish them on leading publications.

We’ll take those awesome posts and pitch them to leading blogs and magazines, furthering your reach with media exposure.

  • Which will brand you as a though leader in your niche, granting your brand authority and credibility.

The more exposure you get, the more attention you will attract. It’s really a simple equation.

  • Than, we’ll give that content wings and spread it through additional channels.

We’ll give your content wings by spreading it through social channels, bookmarking sites and paid content distribution channels.

  • We’ll convert incoming traffic into leads by analyzing and testing it continuously.

Every post on your blog is a landing page, we’ll optimize your site to convert readers into users!

  • And once that content is there it’s not going anywhere…

Your content will be valued by search engines as authoritative because it will give value to your reader, the most important part of your SEO campaign.

It’s Time to Tell Your Brand’s Story

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