Get the PR Exposure You Deserve!

Your story is the reason you get PR exposure, it tells bloggers and journalists if you’re newsworthy or not.

If their audience will get excited by you or not.

And if you’re worth their time…

Journalists have a limited attention span

We know you’re awesome…

In fact, last time we measured your awesomeness, our machines broke.

But you don’t need to convince us, you need to convince the media!

Who's on our team?
How amazing are you?
How cool is your product?
Can we bask in your glory?

That’s where we come in…

We’ll create a story that will give you the PR exposure you deserve by appealing to the one thing bloggers and journalists care about.

Their audience

PR Exposure is a process and ours speaks for itself…

We start by identifying what’s newsworthy about you.

What you’re working on, your product or service messaging, the way you handle yourself on social media, the way you communicate with customers and your office culture…

Those are just a small part of what makes your newsworthy.

Our second task is to position you as a thought leader, where it matters!

The best places to position you and your story is where your potential clients hang out.

We’ll find the right audience for you, the messaging they’re most receptive to and the media outlets (old and new) they’re interacting with.

Our third task is to get you that exposure we were talking about!

We’ll use our relationship with the media to get your story picked, connect bloggers and journalists to your brand and nurture their excitement.

Once your story gets published, we’ll give it wings!

We’ll spread the news with paid media amplification outlets, social and ad campaigns, our very own owned media outlets and much more.

We’ll maintain your relationship with the media

Every news update you make is something the media need to know about. We’ll re-engage interested bloggers/journalist and contact new ones with each new step you make.

This in the eyes of your audience translates into earned trust and exposes you to a larger audience. Press on It makes sure your PR exposure has a lasting effect by doing the above and much more

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